Removal of Chakras and Kundalini

£ 100
  • Removing the chakras is the process of gathering the existing energies of each of the 7 major chakras in your body as well as multiple minor / secondary chakras, and then moving them to their central star one by one.

Matrix Unplugging

  • It is important to fully understand that the way you look at the Earth is in a three dimensional, or 3D, reality. As humans we have been connected to a universal mainframe, a matrix through various energy seals, implants, mind control software programming, belief system modifications, DNA modifications and other energy distortions.

Activation of golden DNA

100 3 Sessions
  • Golden DNA activation is activation intended to help embody a person's Higher Self, achieve self-mastery, find the person's OWN life purpose, in remembrance of "WHO YOU ARE" and assist the ascension process.

Activation of 12-strand DNA

100 3 Sessions
  • Activating our divine seed patterns DNA model is a critical step in the ascension process and in scientific terms DNA is a hereditary molecule, a nucleic acid located in cells that contains the genetic instructions used in the development and functioning of organisms living.