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  1. I had a Psych-k session with Marina during the summer and I must say she was very good, during the session I was completely at ease, I didn’t feel judged.
    I highly recommend trying this session.

  2. Marina when she discussed all matrix and chakras I was not sure but when I read about it I knew I was doing the right thing. Since then after doing chakras I felt my life elevated and i was very confident it took some time but my energy is so good that automatically I am attracting positivity in my life and same with my daughter thank you Marina

  3. Con Marina ho fatto la pulizia energetica con I Matrix, ho rimosso i Chakra e Kundalini ed attivato I 12 filamenti di DNA. Sicuramente mi sento meno vulnerabile, e molto più tranquillo. Non assorbo più le energie negative dell’ambiente e mi sento più leggero senza più paure e preoccupazioni per il futuro. Consiglio a tutti

  4. Il mese scorso Marina ha eseguito una pulizia energetica con I Matrix, E rimozione di Chakra e Kundalini.
    Mi sento decisamente meglio fisicamente e psicologicamente.
    In precedenza avevo avuto anche una sezione di Psych-k con Marina che mi ha aiutato molto. Grazie 🙏
    Penso proprio di continuare con l’attivazione del DNA Grazie 🙏

  5. Ho avuto il piacere di fare queste bellissime esperienze con Marina Iannone negli ultimi mesi e devo dire che la professionalità , la passione e l’impegno con cui mi ha seguito è stato notevole ! Ho fatto rimozione dei chakra,
    pulito i punti energetici con i Matrix e attivato i 12 fili del DNA .
    Sicuramente i cambiamenti ci sono stati , la vita mi si è aperta in moto diverso , ho più percezione. Le energie negative dell’ambiente nn vengono più assorbite come prima . Un grosso riscontro c’è stato anche con la sessione di psych-k , qualsiasi sia il nodo oscuro dentro a noi viene trasformato completamente , si dissolve.
    Consiglio veramente di cuore a qualsiasi persona di provare, sono esperienze bellissime !

  6. I started my journey with Marina a year and half ago, after a traumatizing experience that I could not elaborate and move forward. I was completely anchored. I was left insecure and fragile.
    We worked with PSYCH-K to remove the trauma and we kept working with Psych-K and Access Consciousness Bars. I never imagined that after a year and half, my life would change in this incredible way. I have become independent in every aspect of my life. I found peace of mind and I’m very happy. I enjoy being alive again and with my great pleasure I share that I have achieved an impossible dream: to have my own business.
    Marina, with her strong spirituality, humanity and humility helped me to open my life.
    Thank you very much

  7. Having done The Matrix session and the kundalini/chakra session, I am experiencing things evolving faster than ever. Things that needs to be solved comes up and the best part about it is that it doesn’t leave you hanging with it. Things that needs to be solved comes up but the solution appears with it in a short amount of time. My family and I did the Matrix session together and they are experiencing subtle yet positive changes, and I feel we as a family are evolving together and not just me. We feel closer to our higher selves. I also feel the time gap between a thought and the thoughts manifesting are getting shorter, that in fact I need to prioritize what my desires are and what I want to achieve at any given moment. I am noticing both my family and I are raising our vibration and things that aren’t beneficial to us seem to be falling away as well as giving us more power to detach from it. I did the Kundalini/Chakra session and I feel uplifted in a way like my inner child is shining. I am also happy that I no longer have to be worried if my chakras are blocked etc. I’ve always thought there was a better way to live on this Earth and I feel these sessions will help me live a better, happier way. I am still experiencing the positive changes and I am excited to whats to come. Marina is kind and incredibly trustworthy, I couldn’t have chosen a better facilitator.
    Thank you so much.

  8. When I started exploring this never heard, energy clearings, I was a bit sceptical,
    But as I worked with Marina, previously with Psych-K and Access Consciousness, I trusted her and tried.
    I did Matrix, Removed Chakra and Kundalini activated my DNA to the Golden level.
    My energy changed dramatically. I achieved in 4 months, more than I did in my last 54 years.
    Marina is amazing, as she guided my in every aspect of my life. She is a very caring person. Thank you so much.
    I Highly recommend this energy clearings and activations if you want to change your lives.

  9. I know Marina Iannone for a long time but since we entered into subjects of studies about consciousness we have created a strong bond discussing more it I heard for the first time about Psych-K, immediately had my 1st session and recently she mentioned about Matrix Process.

    I had never heard about it in my life. She was so kind taking the time to zoom me and explain everything about it that I decided to have a session of the Matrix process.

    It is being 39 days since I had the Matrix session and I feel so strong, so empowered, confident about myself in so natural way that now I am facing situations like complex job interviews having the feeling of being talking to a friend (interviewer). I always tried to convince people that I was good or worth it because it was very difficult to recognize it in me. Now seems that things are changing and I don’t feel anymore that I need to convince someone about what I am. I’m simply being me, with zero fear of other people’s judgement, and with a strong desire to help others to do the same. I definitely will carry on with the treatment and explore even more about my inner potential.
    Another thing that happened also is the desire to keep my body healthy. Changed completely the quality of food I am eating daily.
    Much more to expand and grow in terms of energy. Now that I’ve started I won’t stop. Definitely.
    Thank you very much!!! I highly recommend Marina. She is great and an excellent professional.

  10. Marina è stata molto disponibile con me,spiegandomi tutto ..nei dettagli da quando ho effettuato questi processi la mia vita è cambiata radicalmente per quanto concerne le mie emozioni mi sento molto calma ho acquisito una pazienza e tolleranza che non facevano parte del mio modo di essere. …al punto che mi sono meravigliata di questo mio modo di affrontare le mie giornate…sono più focalizzata più tranquilla interiormente.
    Continuerò con l’attivazione del DNA…. voglio andare fino in fondo perché ho il desiderio di liberarmi da ttt quello che può bloccare il mio percorso di vita… sentire la mia vera essenza…consiglio vivamente di intraprendere questo percorso se si desidera essere di più .

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